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Numerous same birthmark on the right side indicate the occurrence of difficulties, however, are not insurmountable. The determining factor is the large birthmark – the impact of small spots not so much.

Meaning of moles on the body – Birthmark middle of the neck is a testament to the practicality of the person. In general, a mole on the neck (either side) speaks to a noble origin.

A mole on the chest – Birthmark on his chest means loyalty, the ability to be sincere, pure love. People, who have a mark here, are likely to be Monogamous – if the marriage is happy and sure to last a lifetime. However, being alone, they are often not very happy. A mole on the left breast shows ardor, passion and temperamental nature, with the same right – about the constant extremes, such a person does not see halftones, and his life is a series of ups and downs, the constant tossing. Mole or birthmark on the center of the chest indicates that a person will have a small but stable income.This news resource by health care

Moles on the shoulders – Moles on the shoulders signal the difficulties in life, the same birthmark on her wrists guarantee a successful career and the realization of creative abilities. Moles on your fingers tell that a woman has the ability to needlework, as well as its exposure to the evil eye.